Middletown Eagles

2024 Fall Registration


Welcome to the 2024 Fall Registration with Middletown Eagles!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.



Please direct questions for:

Cheer: Kim Tompkins: ktmovesnj@gmail.com

Football: Joe Grasso: joeg@middletowneagles.com

What to do after registration.

  • PRINT the packet after you complete the registration process. DO NOT PRINT DOUBLE-SIDED and do not staple.
  • Middletown Eagles can not print your packet for you!
  • Parents/Guardians: Review all information and sign and date each page.  
  • Players/cheerleaders:  Signatures or initials needed on page 2 of the Participation Contract, Code of Conduct, TBI/Concussion Form, and Waiver and Release of Liability.  Your player must initial and sign these sections.
  • Include a recent picture on the Participation, Tracking, and ID card - it must fit within the upper right hand box. Faces must be visible - NO HELMETS.  You can upload a picture online and it will print right on your paperwork!
  • Have your doctor complete the Medical Clearance Form (NOT the Resume to Play form - they look identical so please read the headings). We CANNOT accept Resume to Play - this form is only used for permission to return if you sustain an injury.  The form you need prints out in the player pack - it is page 6.  Remove this page and bring this page to your doctor.  The doctor's stamp must be included.  The physical has to be valid within the year.  If your child's next physical is after the start date of practice, hand in the form dated with existing date and then submit a new form if the date falls within the season.  For example - your next physical is in September of 2024.  Hand in the form with the date of September 2023, and then when you go to your next appointment, have the doctor fill out a new form with the most current date.
  • Print out your child’s final report card that shows ALL Marking Periods. Progress Reports cannot be accepted.  Your home address must be visible on the report card.  We are not looking at your child's grades - AYF/AYC requires this for proof of residency and to prove you live within the boundaries of the Middletown Eagles.  The easiest way to obtain this copy is to print from a laptop or desktop computer.  
  • Bring in an original birth certificate - we will make copies and stamp the copy as certified.  Even if you have played or cheered with us in the past, we need the original each year.  We can not pull any papers out of previous years binders.  
  • Submit the completed paperwork in the following order:
    • Participation, Tracking, and ID Card (with picture)
    • Participation, Tracking, and ID Card - Page 2
    • Medical Clearance Form
    • Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent and Information
    • Birth Certificate
    • Report Card
    • AYF Code of Conduct Form
    • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)/Concussion Statement and Acknowledgement Form
    • Waiver and Release of Liability - MINOR
    • Image Release - MINOR
  • Flag Football Players - Bring 1 check post-dated for November 1, 2024 made out to MAC for $200.  This is for volunteer hours.  If you chose the volunteer buyout option, then you do not need to bring a check.  There is no equipment check needed for flag football as you will have no equipment to return.  
  • Flag Cheer, Tackle/Sideline Cheer and Tackle Football Bring 2 checks post-dated for November 1, 2024 made out to Middletown Athletic Club (MAC):
    • 1 check for $200 is your equipment deposit (check is only deposited if you do not return your equipment)  Please write player/cheerleader last name in the memo.
    • 1 check for $200 is your volunteer bond (checks are returned after you fulfill your 4-hour volunteer requirement)  Please write player/cheerleader name in the memo.  For example - Grasso's have 2 players - they submit ONE check for $200.  If you chose the buyout option - you will not need to hand in a check
    • Please note - it is one volunteer check per family.  For example - Ryan and Derek Grasso - Grasso Family will give one $200 volunteer check.
    • For equipment - it is per player/cheerleader.  Ryan and Derek Grasso - both tackle football- Grasso Family will give a check for each player - 1 check for $200 (noted Derek Grasso - equipment in the memo) another check for $200 for Ryan's equipment - (noted Ryan Grasso - equipment in the memo)
    • PLEASE WRITE PLAYERS/CHEERLEADERS NAMES IN THE CHECK MEMOS as that is how the books will be organized.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - There will be various ways to fulfill your 4 hours!  Sign Up Geniuses will be sent out via email that is linked to your account and the sign ups will also be posted on our Facebook page.  You can follow us at Middletown Eagles.  Please make sure your email addresses are updated on your accounts to ensure you are receiving league emails.  **Doing the chains at games DOES NOT count as volunteer hours!**
  • Jersey Shore AYF makes the games schedules.  Middletown Eagles has no control over when the schedule is released, where the games are played and the times.  Jersey Shore AYF also decides the start date of the season.  Once all information is released, it will be sent out ASAP! Please note, flag schedules are usually set after the tackle season schedule is set.  

Thank you


Joe Grasso


President - Middletown Eagles

Joe Grasso


Phone: (908) 472-0838